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Second-floor window smashes to the ground in Boston, witnesses blame strong winds

Window crashes to the ground in Downtown Boston
Window crashes to the ground in Downtown Boston 02:28

BOSTON - One person was hurt as a window from a business in Boston's Downtown Crossing fell from the second floor, smashing to the ground below.

"I just heard, like, yelling and swearing and then the next thing I heard was just this incredible crash," said Carina Flynn. She said she was walking back to her office on State Street from the Common when the window came down. "It was just a lot of, 'Oh my god, can you believe that?' with more colorful language."

The window fell from the HomeGoods store on Washington Street just after 3 p.m. and shattered when it hit the ground, sending glass flying everywhere. Police said one person suffered minor injuries.

Video shows window crashing to ground in Downtown Crossing 01:03

"I hear a bang and then I see a lady come out here," said Mack Celesein, who works in a shop across the street. He said he ran outside to the woman walking out of Homegoods to see if she was OK.

"She was taking a picture and a video and I come outside and said, oh you are lucky, I see you are going to get paid," said Celesein. "And she said, 'No, no, I don't have time for that' and she walked away."

The cause is under investigation but witnesses blame Wednesday's strong winds for the crash, saying the gusts were relentless all afternoon.

"Yeah, it's just crazy," said Flynn. "I work in an all-glass building, so walking back, I was looking up and was like, hmmmm." 

In a statement, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods said the store remains open and the building's landlord is working to have the window replaced.

"At TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, safety is very important to us. We are aware of the window that fell from the second floor storage room of our TJ Maxx store, and are grateful that nobody was hurt," the statement said. "We take this seriously, and are looking into how it may have occurred." 

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