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Girl Found Safe In Randolph After Car Stolen In Dorchester, Police Search For Suspect

BOSTON (CBS) -- A five-year-old girl was found safe in Randolph Monday afternoon after she was kidnapped in Boston, State Police said. The child was left in the back seat of a car on Dorchester Avenue around 4 p.m. while her father went into a restaurant. A man got into the car and took off.

Police are still searching for the suspect, who was driving a 2007 silver Honda Accord with dark tinted windows and the license plate US117D.

Surveillance video shows a man drive off moments before the father comes out of the restaurant in a panic.

Surveillance video appears to show the Dorchester kidnapping suspect get into a car with a child in the back seat (Courtesy Photo)

"He called 911. He was so scared. Didn't know what to do," said witness Tuong Van.

The father ran into Saigon One to pick up an order. His 5-year-old stayed in the running car. That's when a man wearing a hood casually crossed the street toward the silver Honda Accord, got in, and quickly took off. Minutes later, he exited the restaurant to find his car, and his little girl, gone.

"He got nervous, running around, running around," Van said. "Someone told him call 911."

The girl was let out in Randolph and found safe on Powdrell Avenue less than an hour later.

A woman in Randolph who found the girl spoke with WBZ-TV. "The little girl looked like she was crying. So I ran outside and I asked if she was alright. She said I want my dad and I said what happened? We knocked on doors, we knocked on windows to see if anybody would come and we didn't hear from anyone," Monique Brown said.

A girl was found safe in Randolph after she was kidnapped Monday (WBZ-TV)

She continues, "Later on we found out, in fact, the child had been kidnapped. I got a call from the police station from the little girl's phone, she had a phone on her, and it was Boston Police: 'do you have such-and-such?' and they identified the child's name and I was like 'kidnapped? What do you mean kidnapped?'"

Police then came to get the girl.

State Police said they had been able to track the girl by pinging the father's cell phone, which the girl had at the time.

The girl appeared to be fine but she was taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

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