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Boston Business Owner With Down Syndrome Receives Orders For Thousands Of Cookies

BOSTON (CBS) - Collette Divitto is now running her cookie business around the clock.

Since WBZ profiled the 26-year-old who was born with Down syndrome, she has received orders for more than 25,000 cookies around the country.

"I haven't slept at all," Collette joked. "I am really amazed at the support for my company and my cookies."

See Collettey's Cookies web site

Collette started the business after she faced barriers trying to find a paying job. Her hope is to grow the business and eventually hire other people with disabilities.

Collette's first client, the Golden Goose Market in Boston's North End, is now lending its kitchen space and industrial equipment to help her keep up with the incredible demand. Some employees are also working overtime to assist the business owner.

Collette Divitto
Collette Divitto's chocolate chip cookies (WBZ-TV)

On Thursday, Collette and her helpers baked more than 500 cookies.

Manager Jesse Powers said he's been fielding calls from Florida and California from people wanting to place orders.

"It's all about her at this point," Powers said. "It's not about the Golden Goose. It's about helping Collette grow her business and her dreams."

Businesses have also expressed an interest in selling the cookies. Others want to offer them at upcoming holiday events. On Saturday, she will be handing out samples at the Boston Ugly Sweater Crawl.

Collette Divitto
Collette Divitto started her cookie business to take her career in her own hands. (WBZ-TV)

Several people have also reached out, wanting to discuss possible investing opportunities.

Aside from the online orders, Collette's mom, Rosemary Alfredo, said the family has been trying to keep up with hundreds of supportive emails. Some of the messages have even come from overseas.

"It's been so uplifting to see the love and compassion across the world," Alfredo said.

The original story posted on WBZ-TV's Facebook page has been viewed more than 2.8 million times.

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