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Company To Offer Instant Hangover Relief In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - We all know what happens with too much alcohol. And this week a new company is slated to open here in Boston offering instant hangover relief or help when you just feel rundown by the flu, a migraine, or jet lag.

"In 30 minutes we can have a patient feeling better," said Dr. Adam Nadelson, the co-founder and CEO of The I.V. Doc.

To get you back on your feet The I.V. Doc offers a different kind of cocktail of saline and vitamins, courtesy an I.V. drip, right in your own living room.

"When you can't move and you just feel so horrible you can't even drink a glass of water, and you have somewhere to be that afternoon or that day even, we'll get you there," explained Dr. Nadelson.

In hospitals, I.V. fluids are used all the time to quickly re-hydrate patients because the fluids go directly into the bloodstream. This works much faster than simply drinking a glass of water.

Justin Ross Lee says he just doesn't have time to feel sick, "I fly a lot and I work a lot and I play a lot."

He's a repeat customer for The I.V. Doc, "they show up in my apartment, I get a proper dose of fluid, and I feel great within an hour."

These I.V.'s are administered by a licensed nurse or physician. But, with any I.V. placement there is still a small risk of infection.

The most popular request, by far, is the "Revive/Deathbed Treatment" for hangovers at $269.

"The whole idea doesn't sit very well with me," said Doctor Mark DeMatteo. He works in the emergency department at Beth Israel Deaconess Plymouth and he wants potential customers to know here is no real cure for a hangover.

"The only way to really eliminate the symptoms of a hangover is to not to get one," says Dr. DeMatteo. "I don't think I want to have anyone sending the message that there are no consequences to your drinking. In fact, the consequences are colossal."

"We do not want to encourage drinking at all," said Dr. Nadelson, "but there is a need for this."

A need The I.V. Doc is happy to fill after that long night out.

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