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Boston College Students Record Fairy Tales To Help Kids Escape Reality

BOSTON (CBS) - The show is going on for a group of Boston College theater students who had their annual spring performance for Boston area schools cancelled by the coronavirus pandemic.

"My students were disappointed and I know the elementary school students were disappointed," said Professor Luke Jorgensen of the play that is normally performed for kindergarten through third grade students.

Instead, Jorgensen asked his students to videotape fairy tales from their homes to send to students and, he says, the students got very creative.

One student used stuffed animals to act out Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Another student cast their family dog as the big bad wolf in The Three Little Pigs.

First grade teacher at the Winship School in Brighton, Shannon DeBari, says the videos inspired her to have her students create their own fairy tales.

"The fact that they can be creative and use their imaginations at a time when they're at home and they're not connecting with people as often as they should," said DeBari.

Boston College junior, Mike Gallagher, said the exercise was a good escape from depressing news related to the pandemic.

"Given the time that we're in, one of the most important things that people can do is just to find a way to smile and laugh and just forget," Kelleher said.

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