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Boston College partners with aesthetic injectables training program LexRx

Boston College partners with aesthetic injectables training program LexRx
Boston College partners with aesthetic injectables training program LexRx 03:07

BOSTON - Back to school isn't just for young kids. Students are preparing to head to graduate school this fall, too. 

Alexa Nicholls Costa and Alexandra Rogers, best friends and nurse practitioners, are using the success with their business LexRx, to introduce the world of aesthetic injectables to other nurses, nursing students and clinicians in Boston. 

"Inject with Lex was such a rewarding experience," Chloe Banks told WBZ.  

An experience that was very different from the skill set Banks already had as a nurse practitioner. 

"So I work as a nurse practitioner, actually in Pediatrics and Cardiology. So in the big picture, you would think aesthetics and cardiology do not go hand-in-hand," Banks said. 

But her experience with Inject with Lex, provided otherwise. 

"What I find, any clinician from all different backgrounds can bring to aesthetics is their assessment skills, their background on making sure clients are the right candidates for different treatments, understanding the clients goals and wishes," Banks explained. 

The certification program, started by Costa and Rogers, is a branch of their successful injectables business, LexRx. 

The best friends and co-founders launched the practice in 2015 right out of grad school. 

"We always knew we wanted to do something, nontraditional and creative with our nurse practitioner degree," Rogers told Cole. 

Now, five successful locations later, the ladies are doing what they can to pave the way for others to break into the field of aesthetics, too.

"I think years ago, nurses and NP's were sort of bred to really think in a narrow focus, to think about what you could do out of school. And we rattle the cage with our thought process," Costa said. 

Banks said it's all come full circle. She started off as a client, then she enrolled in the program and now she works for LexRx. 

"What's really fun about aesthetics, which I don't think everyone comes in understanding, is that there is the practice of also finessing and making art at the same time. And that piece you don't get without the hands-on training," said Banks. 

Costa and Rogers said their goal is to bring their Inject with Lex training courses to higher education, targeting as many strong nursing programs in Massachusetts and New England as they can. 

"We love giving back! We love teaching! We had to be taught, we needed to be mentored, we're thankful for our mentors they got us to where we are today," said Rogers. 

Right now, they're partnering with Boston College, Connell School of Nursing. 

Banks said partnering with BC allows them to really raise the bar and enhance the medical world's appreciation of aesthetics. 

"If you're thinking about it, just give it a try. You may surprise yourself and find that it's even more rewarding than you could've even imagined," said Banks. 

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