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Boston Children's Museum 'My Sky' Exhibit Aimed At Young Astronomers

BOSTON (CBS) - A brand new exhibit opening Saturday at the Boston Children's Museum is unlocking the mysteries of the sky for budding astronomers.

"This is an exhibit to introduce children and their families to the night sky," explained Carole Charnow, the Children's Museum president.

The new exhibit is called "My Sky."

It's a hands on, very fun introduction to astronomy for kids ages 5-10.

"In the earliest years of a child's development, the things they get interested in, engaged in and passionate about, can actually open the door to a life long pursuit and passion, and even a career," said Charnow.

In one part of the exhibit, lights simulate how the sun appears to track through the sky, showing how shadows change along with the movement.

In another, children get an up close look at the sun itself through stunning satellite images they can manipulate.

And in another area, it's all about the phases of the moon and the glory of a starry night.

"I like the moon and stars because they're so pretty," said six-year-old Sara Fabrizio.

"Meteors hit the surface of the moon and then make those craters or dents. And the man on the moon was actually craters formed by meteors," said 10-year-old Noah Faverman

NASA and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics helped develop the exhibit.

"Science and exploration is accessible to them, and that it's really for anybody and everybody," said NASA's Andrea Razzaghi.

"It's really good for parents, too because they can do these activities with their kids and be part of the science learning," added Dr. Philip Sadler from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

And the kids get it.

"It's fun and you get to go on the bike and you learn a lot," says 11 year old Tyler Almeida.

The My Sky exhibit opens Saturday and will be at the Boston Children's Museum for six months. After that it goes on the road throughout the country. WBZ-TV is proud to be the official media sponsor for the Boston Children's Museum.

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