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Boston Children's Chorus To Honor Ukraine At Symphony Hall With Independence Hymn

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's a song with a powerful message. It's called "A Prayer For Ukraine."

"As a hymn, it really calls for the protection of the country for its Sovereignty. It's an anthem that's become a rallying cry for the Ukrainian people," said Andrés Holder, Boston Children's Chorus Executive Director. "We're going to have a prominent stage in the city of Boston and what better time to showcase Boston support for Ukraine than when we're on stage."

It's one of the latest songs in BCC's repertoire, and the lyrics are all in Ukrainian.

"This song has a lot of meaning in it. It makes me happy to sing it," said Yana Tsibere, a member of Boston Children's Chorus.

For some of the 250 chorus members, the song has personal meaning, including Ukrainian-born Tsibere.

"My grandmother sleeps in a bomb shelter. So it's hard to connect with her during the day," she said.

And Sabrina Kogan.

"I grew up around Ukrainian and Russian language my whole life, so being able to sing in this amazing space with all my friends and all these people who I care about so much and sing to people that I care about is so much more meaningful," said Kogan.

The song will be included in BCC's annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Concert at Symphony Hall this Sunday, the first time the chorus will be performing in front of an audience at the concert hall in two years.

"Now we get to actually showcase what we do best, which is singing for social change, singing for a better world. So we're really excited," said Holder.

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