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Celtics @ 7: How Did Boston Fare On Draft Night?

BOSTON (CBS) – The NBA Draft is in the books and the Celtics used six of the eight picks they had entering the night, including the seemingly coveted No. 3 selection on California forward Jaylen Brown.

Saturday's "Celtics @ 7" looked back on the draft to assess how the C's did, and host Adam Kaufman offered all the pros and cons you can imagine.

In the end, short of making a deal for a transformative star, Kaufman feels it was a good night on the whole for the Green.

Draft insider Kevin O'Connor joined the show to offer his impressions of Danny Ainge's moves as well, with a detailed look at each new Boston hopeful.

The show also focused on a new report from The Vertical, suggesting Thunder superstar Kevin Durant will meet with the Celts in free agency.

Enjoy the full show podcast below.

Listen to this week's full episode of Celtics @ 7

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Part 2


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