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Celtics @ 7: Which Trends Are Real--And Which Aren't

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Celtics have reeled off three straight wins entering Saturday's visit to Miami, and that's provided a nice five-game sample to start the year to evaluate what trends are real and which are myths.

Saturday morning, "Celtics @ 7" host Adam Kaufman broke down Boston's elite defensive play and above-average work on the boards, anchored by often underappreciated veteran leader Al Horford.

SB Nation senior writer Paul Flannery joined Kaufman to evaluate who the C's are and where they're going, what to expect this year from impressive youngsters from Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, whether Marcus Smart will find his jumper, how Danny Ainge may elect to use the newly granted Disabled Player Exception, and much more.

Kaufman also welcomed his good buddy Landman to the program to offer his insights on why Horford and Smart are so consistently undervalued by the masses.

Enjoy the full podcast above!

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