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'They Don't Have Any Hope': Boston Business Owner Condemns Violence

BOSTON (CBS) - Among the many businesses damaged in Boston Sunday night, some were black-owned. Dr. Everett Sabree has owned Dartmouth Street Vision Center for more than 30 years. He watched on TV as looters ransacked businesses near his store. "I was saying, 'where are the police? Where are the police?'"

Dr. Sabree, who's African-American, says he supports the protests, but what happened Sunday night in the city was unacceptable. "I just think that those people are hurting," said Dr. Sabree. "They don't have any hope, so they just start getting what they can get."

Looters made off with eyeglasses, and laptops from the store, and smashed windows in the process. Dr. Sabree estimates the stolen merchandise and damage totals around $30,000. Luckily, though, he has insurance. "We can replace material things I'm just glad nobody got hurt," he said.

Dr. Sabree's son, Jamil, has worked at the store for the last ten years. He was hopeful that this weekend's protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis would spark change. "It's frustrating to think that a movement that's meant to protect and help me, is adversely affecting me and my father," Jamil said.

Not far from Dartmouth Vision Center, The Urban Grape was also broken into. The owners say they support the protests that happened, and blame the small number of bad actors who turned to violence. A statement reads, in part:

"Our broken windows are nothing compared to 400 years of broken lives. Please don't let what happened long after the protest drown out the more important story - our country wants and needs change. Our time is now."

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