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Boston Area's Best Ways To Celebrate Middle Earth-Style

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Tolkienites know there is no better way to celebrate an upcoming Peter Jackson film than to go a little Middle-earth. That means dressing up, partying like a hobbit on Bilbo Baggins' birthday and/or seeing a Tolkien-inspired film in one of the great theaters in and around Boston. Fans may not be able to run around Boston battling orcs and stealing crops, but Boston still offers up some fun. There are plenty of opportunities for costume play and elevensies in the theater. Here are some of the Boston area's best.

Movie Party

Showcase Cinema de Lux
73 Mazzeo Drive
Randolph, MA 02368
(800) 315-4000

Showcase Cinemas just south of Boston in Randolph is one of the largest and most accommodating theaters in the area. The Showcase allows moviegoers to rent out individual theaters for personal parties. Party planners may opt for any film available at the Randolph location. That means groups can have Middle-earth parties while watching "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." One of the biggest benefits of seeing the film with only close friends is getting away with dressing like a hobbit or elf for an evening without the risk of being seen by a non-believer.

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Line Party

AMC Loews, Boston Common
175 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02111
(888) 262-4386
Price: free with admission
Hours: Dec. 13 -- 9:30 p.m.

This line party is courtesy of the members and staff at Merrymaking Middle Earthlings may go here for updates on where to meet before the showing. Once the group meets up, it will head to AMC, where 48 fps tickets are necessary to sit in the same theater as the rest of the group. Head to South Diner for some food after the showing. Costumed fans should have no qualms about dressing up with this group. However, the party organizers stress that no masks or weapons are permitted for safety and security reasons.

IMAX Showing of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"

1 Underprice Way
Natick, MA 01760
(508) 424-0088
Price: $10.50 children 12 and younger/$11.50 adults/$11 adults 65 and older/$1.50 for 3D glasses

All locals know Jordan's Furniture is much more than a furniture store. One of its biggest attractions is the IMAX theaters in Massachusetts. Starting Dec. 14, the IMAX at Jordan's Furniture is showing "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." The film is already touted as a magnificent example of 3D technology. With the addition of IMAX technology, Jordan's Furniture may be the best place to see the new Peter Jackson film in all of Massachusetts.

Movie and a Pint

Somerville Theatre
55 Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144-2908
(617) 625-5700
Price: $6 before 6 p.m./$9 general/$6 adults 62 and older/$3 extra for 3D

If there is one thing that is clear about hobbits, it is that they like a pint. Somerville Theatre lets guests channel their inner hobbits while they watch a film. It may not come in pints, but it's ale, and guests can watch "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" while they drink it. (Of course, this only applies to moviegoers 21 and older.) It should be noted, the local rules about public drunkenness apply, so keep the singing and dancing within limits, otherwise you might need to use the one ring to disappear.

Elevensies and a Movie

Showcase Cinema de Lux
565 Squire Road
Revere, MA 02151
(781) 286-1660

The Lux Level experience at select Showcase Cinemas is a luxury in-theater meal and a movie that will feature "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." The menu includes appetizers, entrees and even cocktails. The Lux Level is available during all theater business hours, so second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, tea, dinner and supper are all options for visiting hobbits. However, all guests must be 21 or older to get into the Lux Level showrooms.

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