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As Trump Targets Sanctuary Cities Like Boston, Local Leaders Say They Are Committed To Immigrants

BOSTON (CBS) - In light of President Donald Trump's decision to send Border Patrol agents to "sanctuary" cities around the country, Democratic leaders campaigning across Massachusetts are speaking out.

Rep. Joe Kennedy
Rep. Joe Kennedy III (WBZ-TV)

At the 34th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Brunch in Cambridge, Congressman Joe Kennedy said now is the time to take a stand. "The idea you that are just going to announce elite teams of -- the equivalent of SWAT teams that are going to come into immigrant communities -- it is based off of fear; it is based off of division; it is based off of hatred; and it is based off of a pure motive to scare community and divide," he said.

On Friday, President Trump took aim at Democrats' policies and announced that custom and border patrol agents are coming to sanctuary cities to support ICE agents. In Roxbury, Senator Ed Markey addressed the issue at a census and voter forum. "This action by Donald Trump is just a part of his new dictatorship sense of what he can do. Enemies lists, terrorizing immigrants and making our country less safe," Markey said.

Sen. Ed Markey
Sen. Ed Markey (WBZ-TV)

City and state leaders said President Trump's move will spark more division and fear in communities rather than bring about unity and peace. Over the weekend, sanctuary cities like Boston said they will remain committed to immigrants and make sure everyone feels safe no matter where they come from.

"If you are an immigrant and you're in Boston, just know there are many people who have your back who are going to stand up for you," Markey said.

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