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It Happens Here: No Stress About Sizes At Lynnfield's Booty By Brabants

LYNNFIELD (CBS) - It's a shopping experience unlike any other and it's just 15 miles north of Boston. At Booty by Brabants in Lynnfield, there's no stressing about what size you wear.

This local brand that started out of a suitcase now has customers worldwide. Their passion for fashion and fitness is always on display at their shop on Market Street.

CEO and founder Kelly Brabants is a local girl whose trademarked leggings have become a household name. But these pants are actually popular for what they don't offer.

"It's the best, it's just a matter of choosing what color or what style you want to wear that day, not what size to pick and hope that they fit when you put them on," customer Kayla Silva told WBZ-TV.

Customers will never see a size or a number on a BBB tag and that's on purpose. Brabants said it's part of her mission to remove "unnecessary numbers" from the shopping experience.

"It's not like she's wearing a size zero and I'm wearing a size 12 and I just feel different. No, we're both wearing the same leggings, we're both wearing this brand that believes in inclusivity and uniting women and empowering women and knowing that your clothes don't define you," Brabants told WBZ.

The idea for a "one size fits all" line was inspired by her background as a dancer, fitness instructor, and her Brazilian heritage.

It was there that she helped formulate the special compression, moisture-wicking fabric that stays in place during high-intensity training.

"I had stumbled upon a pair of leggings I had bought in Brazil that were one size fits all that had this ribbon texture," Brabants said. "When I put those leggings on and I really felt strong in them."

In Boston, her sold out fitness classes raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities during the pandemic.

Customers are fiercely loyal and refer to themselves as the "BBB Fam" and tell us they appreciate the brand's dedication to showing women of all shapes, colors and sizes in their advertising.

"When you look at their website you see real models, you see real women, you see real sizes. When you talk about body positivity it's not just being curvy, it's everyone's body," said customer Jessica Gianino.

"When they come into this store they're welcome, when they go onto my website they belong. when they see me in person they can give me a big hug," Brabants said.

She added that her leggings are pretty popular with some Boston Marathon runners because they don't budge and runners like the fact that they don't have to pull up the waistband. So this year, Brabants said that they have put together a team of six runners who are all running to raise money for different charities. They will profiling each runner in the weeks to come on their Instagram page.

As for what advice she had for other women starting their own business, Brabants said you have to truly love what you do and love it through all the ups and the downs.

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