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Boomer Esiason: Bit Of A Lull Without Patriots In Super Bowl 50

BOSTON (CBS) -- While there's plenty of story lines surrounding Super Bowl 50, there's something missing.

Boomer Esiason says it's the New England Patriots.

"Where the hell are the Patriots? The Patriots should be here," Esiason told 98.5 The Sports Hub's Felger & Mazz on Radio Row in San Francisco. "I'm not just saying this because I'm on a Boston station. I've said this to every other station: There is a bit of a lull to this thing. People were expecting to see Cam Newton vs. Bill Belichick. People wanted to see Tom Brady go against Luke Kuechly.

"While it's a great story that Peyton Manning is here, it's not the Manning of four years ago or in Super Bowl XLVIII when he came in with the No. 1 offense. So that excitement isn't there. I don't know what it is, other than the Patriots aren't here." concluded Esiason.

Boomer is glad that Tom Brady will be in attendance though, taking part in pregame ceremonies that will honor past MVPs of the Super Bowl.

"We all have to put away whatever the angles are and recognize this is a great league, these are a great players and they're here to be recognized as the great players they are," said Esiason.

As for his pick in Super Bowl 50, he's sticking with the Panthers.

"I like Carolina and I like them a lot. I like them because of the way they've played in the postseason," he said. "I wasn't a believer coming out of the regular season, but doing what they did against Arizona and Seattle was pretty impressive. Cam Newton, I guess this is his Super Bowl."

Esiason also shared his thoughts on the Peyton Manning HGH allegations, but please note the interview was recorded before Thursday night's story from The Washington Post:

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