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Bobcat Released By Environmental Police In Western Mass.

BOSTON (CBS) -- Massachusetts Environmental Police had to get a little creative in releasing an angry bobcat from a trap in Western Massachusetts Tuesday night.

The bobcat was captured using a "have a heart" trap, because the landowner only wanted to catch, not kill, the animal that had been killing chickens on his property.

bobcat environmental police
Environmental Police officers helped release this angry bobcat Tuesday night. (Massachusetts Environmental Police)

The big cat wasn't interested in showing appreciation, though.

"Each time the landowner or the officers attempted to open the door to the trap the bobcat would claw at them through the cage," the MEP wrote in a post on their Facebook page.

bobcat environmental police
Officers created a false door inside the trap. (Massachusetts Environmental Police)

The officers used rebar to create a false door inside the trap, and used zip ties to tie the main door open.

Once they found that the bobcat wasn't hurt, they removed the false door, and said it "ran off into the woods with its tail in the air."

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