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Blind Students Get Art Lesson At MFA

BOSTON (CBS) - Students from the Perkins School for the Blind got a hands-on art lesson at the Museum of Fine Arts on Wednesday.

The teacher, Dale Chihuly, is the artist himself. His eye-catching exhibit is set to open Sunday.

The display is a personal preview and one these kids can feel, instead of see.

WBZ-TV's Kate Merrill reports.

"Well, I've never done anything like that before and was skeptical I could be of any help to them," said Artist Dale Chihuly.

The students are getting to enjoy the show in a way that is tailored just for them.

"It's one thing to hear a description, to actually use your so important to them," said Bruce Blakeslee, the art teacher from the Perkins school.

Also important, the artist himself, who is also visually impaired.

"I think the fact I cant see out of one eye, I have a handicap. Maybe they related to me more because of that," said Dale.

It's an experience that is now giving these students a new look at what is possible.

"It's surprising when you are blind. I now know you can finish things when you are blind," said Javier Michel, a student.

The exhibit runs from Sunday, April 10 to August 7.

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