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Bishop Fenwick Soccer Team Turns To Headbands To Prevent Concussions

PEABODY (CBS) --- It's not a fashion statement but a piece of safety equipment that's gaining popularity on a local soccer field.

Bishop Fenwick's girls high school soccer team has turned to headbands to reduce the risk of head injuries.

The players started wearing them after a series of concussions.

The headbands provide an extra layer of padding that they hope will make a difference if they are hit.

Sixteen-year-old Emma Harrington is back on the field this season after suffering a concussion. In total, she's had four.

The last concussion prompted Harrington to change her game.

"It's a memory foam pad around my head to absorb shock so it's not skin to skin," she said.

Teammate Jenny Nasser is sporting the headband too, but she's never had a concussion. Now, she can't play without it.

"It doesn't feel like anything," she said. "You put it on and play with it and it helps heading the ball better."

Her mom Bethany says she likes her daughter's new equipment.

"We've seen a lot of players with concussions and I really like her wearing it," she said.

The team's coach Karen Guillemette also approves.

"I think it gives them confidence so they can play and minimize risk of getting a concussion," Guillemette said.

The headbands are legal in the league and parents hope they soon become the norm.

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