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Bills Fans Place Billboard Near Gillette Stadium For Second Straight Year

BOSTON (CBS) -- Last year was glorious for the Buffalo Bills. Tom Brady was gone from the AFC East, Josh Allen was an MVP candidate, and the Bills had their most successful season in 27 years.

Along the way, Bills fans got to hang a billboard on Route 1 in Foxboro, celebrating their win in a Fox Sports Twitter competition for "best fans in football." Then the Bills went out and stomped the Patriots on Monday Night Football in Foxboro, too.

This year ... isn't going quite so well. Not yet anyway. But the billboard is back.

Anyone traveling north up Route 1 past Gillette Stadium these days can see that an updated billboard is back in Foxboro, this time showing Bills fans, who won the tournament of Twitter voting for the second straight year.

Bills fans edged Browns fans in the final vote this year, a vote which garnered more than 177,000 votes on Twitter.

The Bills' official account celebrated that big victory:

The Buffalo News reported after the vote that Bills fans elected to put the billboard back in Foxboro again. And here's what the final product looks like:

Unfortunately for the Bills, it's a bit less of a celebratory moment in time. But that could change next weekend.

The Patriots went to Orchard Park in Week 13 and beat the Bills on an insanely windy Monday night. Allen has more interceptions in 13 games than he had all of last year. The Patriots entered Week 15 with a two-game lead over the Bills in the AFC East, and the Bills are at serious risk of relinquishing that division crown after just one year of use.

Buffalo made a dent in that lead over the weekend though, beating the Panthers while the Patriots lost the Colts. That lead is now just a game, and the winner of Sunday's game in Foxboro will be in the driver's seat to finish the year as division champs.

In the meantime, Bills fans visiting Foxboro on Christmas weekend will surely be making pit stops for photo ops under the billboard on their way into the stadium. Whether those same visiting fans do the same on their way out of the stadium is up to the Patriots.

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