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Bill Belichick Wonders Why T.Y. Hilton Wasn't Ejected After Colts Receiver Made Contact With Official

BOSTON (CBS) -- Bill Belichick was still a bit miffed over Saturday night's loss to the Indianapolis Colts when he spoke with reporters on Monday morning, and took aim at some of the officiating in the 27-17 loss. Mainly, Belichick believes officials missed a pretty easy ejection when tempers started to flare in the second half.

Things got a little chippy between Patriots safety Kyle Dugger and Colts receiver Michael Pittman, as the two engaged in a little tussle after a particularly physical run block six minutes into the third quarter. Pittman's helmet was loose when he approached Dugger, and it ultimately came off as the two went to the ground. That sparked a bigger shoving match between the two teams.

Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton was among the many to take part in the dust-up, and he ended up making contact with an official. While both Dugger and Pittman were ejected for their parts in the melee, Hilton was not.

That still had Belichick baffled on Monday morning.

"Based on the rule, I don't see why T.Y. Hilton wasn't ejected," Belichick said vehemently on a Monday. "I mean, he pushed an official. That was pretty clear.

"But that wasn't called at all. I mean, that is a clear-cut ejection to me," Belichick added. "The Dugger play, Pittman comes from behind, Kyle turns around and there's an exchange. Pittman's helmet was off. I mean, he was trying to put his helmet on as he approached Kyle at the end of the play so it came off pretty quickly. I don't know whether Kyle knocked it off or it would have come off anyway or whatever. Bottom line is, both players got ejected. I would say I understand that. Whether I agree with it or not, that's a whole other discussion.

"I don't understand why T.Y. Hilton wasn't ejected for contacting an official," Belichick continued. "Intentionally or unintentionally, that has no bearing on the play. Those plays are reviewable and are reviewed, so I don't understand that one."

Belichick remained hard on himself and his team for Saturday night's effort, but he did apologize to reporters for his short and terse responses after the game.  The Patriots head coach, however, was still baffled by the officials letting Hilton finish the game despite making clear contact with a referee.

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