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Bill Belichick Talks To David Letterman About Super Bowl, DeflateGate

NEW YORK (CBS) — Bill Belichick returned to CBS' "Late Show" with David Letterman on Wednesday night for the first time in a decade.

The New England Patriots coach entered the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York to some boos during his introduction.

"I hear the Jet fans!" Belichick said to Letterman.

Letterman, an Indiana native and Colts fan, brought up the AFC Championship – which the Patriots won 45-7 - and DeflateGate.

"I never realized there were so many Patriots fans that were scientists and physicists and college professors that understood it that well. We learned a lot in a hurry. I should have gotten college credit for that," Belichick said.

Letterman then said to Belichick, "You know exactly what happened," he said "and what it was was some kind of horseplay. Am I right?"

Belichick shook his head slowly, smiled and said "No," causing Letterman and the crowd to laugh.

Belichick joked that since Letterman "knew" so much about deflated footballs, he'd bring him to testify before the NFL investigation into DeflateGate.

Watch: Belichick on DeflateGate

The two went on to talk about the Super Bowl, Pete Carroll's fateful call and Malcolm Butler's interception.

At the end of the interview, Letterman gave Belichick the Lombardi Trophy for winning Super Bowl XLIX.

Watch: Belichick on Super Bowl

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