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Bill Belichick Says Snow Is Part Of Living In New England, 'So You May As Well Embrace It'

FOXBORO (CBS) -- On Thursday, Bill Belichick gave his players what they referred to as a "snow speech," making it clear that Friday's storm was no excuse for being late to work. The Patriots head coach made sure to follow his own advice come Friday morning.

Belichick gave himself plenty of time to get to work on Friday, from the pre-commute cleanup to the drive itself. He was hoping to arrive at the facilities in Foxboro early, but Mother Nature threw a wrench -- or rather, nearly a foot of snow -- at those plans. Like anyone else who hit the road Friday morning, Belichick had a slow commute into work.

"Just leave enough time and try to take the right steps and do the right thing. I tried to come in early this morning, and it took half an hour to go four miles on Route 3, so you never know," Belichick told reporters on his Friday Zoom call.

"It's always interesting traveling in the snow," he added. "But it's part of New England so you may as well embrace it."

Belichick is a seasoned New Englander now, so a little snow is no big deal for him. The same goes for center David Andrews, who said his commute in was "not bad" thanks to his pickup truck.

"I drive a Ford pickup truck. They're built Ford tough, you know," said Andrews. "If you've been in [the snow] long enough, you know. Plus I leave pretty early in the morning so I'm never worried about being late."

Belichick probably would have loved to have his players practice in the snow, but that was not in the cards on Friday. With the Patriots getting ready for a trip to Miami, the team practice inside the Field House, and likely did so with the heat cranked up as high as it would go.

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