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Bill Belichick will be co-hosting Pat McAfee's Draft Spectacular next week

J.J. McCarthy visiting with Patriots on Monday -- why has his NFL Draft stock risen so much?
J.J. McCarthy visiting with Patriots on Monday -- why has his NFL Draft stock risen so much? 06:53

FOXBORO -- When the New England Patriots pick third overall in next week's NFL Draft, former Pats head coach Bill Belichick will be on TV to break down the selection. Belichick will serve as a co-host on Pat McAfee's Draft Spectacular on ESPN+ on draft night.

An excited McAfee broke the news on his show Wednesday, giving Belichick quite the introduction.

"The greatest head coach of all time. The greatest general manager of all time. Eight-time Super Bowl champion, Bill Belichick," an exuberant McAfee announced.

"Hi Pat," Belichick said with a gigantic smirk.

Belichick had his six Lombardi trophies and his Emmy from his work on NFL Network's NFL 100 All-Time Team special in the background, which he jokingly referred to as his "bling." He seamlessly went from yucking it up with the McAfee crew to discussing the intricacies of the NFL Draft on Wednesday, and should have no problem doing the same when picks start coming off the board next Thursday night.

"Trust me, I've sat through a few of them. I'll be ready to go," he told McAfee.

In addition to co-hosting the Draft Spectacular in Detroit, Belichick will also be on the preview show ahead of the draft. Throughout the night he'll provide plenty of insight on picks that are made, and what teams should be focusing on with their upcoming selections.

"We'll have our own draft room set up as if we're a 33rd team and talk about other team's needs, trade conversations," Belichick teased. "I can give a little insight what those conversations are like. I've made a few."

It was reported earlier Wednesday that Belichick will soon be joining Peyton Manning's Omaha Productions. While he may not have given reporters much to work with at the podium during his coaching career, we're going to see a much different Belichick on TV going forward.

Throughout Wednesday's appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Belichick peeled back the curtain on his draft process throughout his coaching career. He even touched on the games that are played by teams when misinformation is spread in the weeks leading up to the draft.

"You have to sift that out. But as you get closer to draft day, teams get closer to figuring our what they're going to do and some info starts to leak out," Belichick explained. "It's a little early for that, but when you get into the last 12 or so hours before the draft, sometimes that info can be accurate and helpful."

Belichick even opened up about last year's trade with the Steelers in the first round, which allowed Pittsburgh to jump in front of the Jets and take tackle Broderick Jones, whom New York was reportedly eying with their pick. The Patriots still landed their intended target in cornerback Christian Gonzalez, so it all worked out in the end. 

The Jets not getting what they wanted was just an added bonus. 

"We would have taken Gonzalez if a trade wasn't available, but the option to move back a few spots -- we didn't know the Steelers were taking the guy the Jets wanted. I can't say we were heartbroken when that happened, but we got the guy we wanted," Belichick joked.

The Patriots own the third overall selection in next week's draft following a 4-13 campaign in Belichick's final season as head coach. He didn't share any thoughts on what New England should do with that pick, but he should have plenty to say about it next week.

If Wednesday was any indication of what Belichick will bring on draft night, it's going to be must-see TV for Patriots and football fans everywhere. 

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