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Bill Belichick Eating A Sub Sandwich Makes The Internet Go Wild

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Sports. You remember sports, right? Men and women and boys and girls from here to Nova Scotia would play them. People would watch them -- in person, on TV, even on their newfangled cellular telephones. Sports were a big hit for a long time.

Now, these days, we don't have sports. Instead, we have a pandemic. As such, the occasions that count as "events" aren't what they used to be.

Case in point: William Stephen Belichick scarfing down a sub sandwich on a city bench.

Normally, the head coach of the Patriots devouring a grinder wouldn't be stop-you-in-your-tracks news. But right here? Right now? Whoa, brother. The internet went ahead and got stopped in its tracks.

We go now to the film.

As noted, Belichick was filming an ad for Subway. In doing so, he joins the likes of Mike Trout, Michael Strahan, Michael Phelps (lots of Michaels!), Ryan Howard, John Cena and the Watt brothers as some notable sports figures to appear in ads for the nationwide sandwich chain. There definitely haven't been other Subway spokesmen to ever appear in ads. Nope, that's all of them. What a list.

Anyways, without much else going on, the internet went bananas for Bill and his Black Forest ham.

That's a decent amount of material for a couple of photographs of a man eating a sandwich on a bench.

Sports will be back soon.




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