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Bill Belichick Defends Jonathan Jones After Hit On Josh Allen: 'Really Isn't Much You Can Tell Him To Do Differently'

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- A day has passed since Jonathan Jones' hit on Josh Allen sent the Bills' quarterback into concussion protocol, and opinions clearly vary on whether the hit delivered by the Patriots' defensive back warranted more punishment than the unnecessary roughness penalty it elicited.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott wanted Jones to be kicked out of the game, a feeling he felt in the moment and also after the game at the podium.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick did not quite agree with McDermott's assessment, and on his Monday morning conference call with reporters, Belichick said he agreed with the league's decision on the play.

"I think [senior VP of officiating] Al Riveron talked about the play yesterday, and that's what we have to go by. So we'll coach it based on what Al's guidelines or commentary was on the play," Belichick said Monday.

Belichick was asked what he'd tell a player who tried to make a play but nevertheless ended up drawing a penalty flag.

"When there really isn't much you can tell him to do differently, then I think you don't tell him anything," Belichick answered. "I mean, Allen's a big runner. He's a strong guy. He's hard to tackle. He certainly broke several tackles against us. Jon turned when he hit [Allen]; he didn't lead with his head. He didn't have that posture."

Josh Allen
Jonathan Jones hits Josh Allen. (GIF from
Josh Allen
Josh Allen hits Jonathan Jones (GIF from

Jones was penalized on the play, but the Bills didn't benefit, as Dion Dawkins was called for a holding penalty. The penalties offset, leading to a replay of the third-and-8. Buffalo converted that play but was ultimately stopped on the goal line.

Allen, meanwhile, jogged to the locker room after a sideline evaluation in the medical tent, and he did not return to the game.

"There's no room in football for that," McDermott said after the Patriots' 16-10 win. "It is a shame to see a player like Josh, or any player for that matter, go down on a hit like that. I asked for an explanation. I thought he should have been thrown out. Other than that, I am not going to get into that at all. That is for the league to get into."

Riveron explained the decision to not eject Jones, saying Jones' hit did not "rise to the level" of the league's standard for ejection.

UPDATE: Jones will not be suspended for the hit, as expected.

Belichick was asked if Jones is the type of player who plays on the edge or plays with the intent to injure opponents.

"Uh, no," Belichick flatly answered.


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