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Beyond The Forecast: More Storms In The Pipeline

BOSTON (CBS) - After a relatively tranquil winter in terms of intense storms, the pattern has turned quite volatile resulting in today's significant storm producing near blizzard conditions. This may be just the beginning leading to several storm threats over the next 7-10 days.

A blocking pattern has unfolded over the North Atlantic into Canada. Consequently, bundles of atmospheric energy will travel through the jet stream across Canada then forced to dive into the Great Lakes to the Mid-Atlantic Coast underneath the blocking to the north. These impulses will dig into the long wave trough over the eastern U.S. and provide the impetus for storm development in the week ahead.

Forecast for Monday, Feb. 13 (Image from WSI)

I am not too concerned about the next impulse as it will remain weak and only create a period of light snow and flurries late Friday night into Saturday morning. I am expecting nothing more than an inch or possibly two in most places. The minor wave of low pressure will arrive in southern New England and lose its identity on Saturday. In fact, there could be breaks of sunshine especially south of the MA Pike Saturday afternoon while light snow continues across northern New England.

The subsequent impulses next week have the potential to intensify sharply as they dig into the Northeast. It is too early to be confident of the outcome later Sunday into Monday but I feel the dynamics will be available to produce a rapidly deepening storm somewhere near New England. The precise position of explosive intensification will determine where the plume of super heavy snow and powerful winds occur. We need to monitor this feature very closely because, unlike today's storm, it could slow down and really crush some part of New England and linger longer.

Looking way ahead, the next threat is presently timed for next Wednesday afternoon into Thursday. That one also has the potential to be an important storm but it certainly is far too premature to be confident of its impact on our region at the present time. The storm could be farther out over the ocean or tucked in closer to cause more consternation. We shall see.

Check back with us frequently here at WBZ for updates on these storm threats in the week ahead.

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