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A Police Officer Sat Down For A Simple Conversation, And Left A Deep Impact

BEVERLY (CBS) – One police officer's small actions left a deep impact in Beverly. With a simple hello, he sat down with a couple to show his willingness to listen with an open heart.

"I feel like we need more officers like that, who serve and protect our communities. The world would be a so much better place," Jason Jones said after his encounter with Officer Bill.

That officer was on patrol when, in a show of support, he sat down with Jason and his girlfriend for a simple conversation.

"I just want to say hi," he said in a video that has now circulated widely on social media. "Obviously it sucks out there but, you know, I won't let you down, and there's a lot of us out there that are here for you."

"It actually made my day," Jason said. "It meant a lot."

It was a much-needed moment of reassurance amid tensions with police across the country, in the wake of George Floyd's death.

"As a person of color and a minority in society, to have reassurance that there are officers who care about us and have our wellbeing and best interest is very important for me to know," Jason shared.

Beverly Police Chief John LeLacheur responded to Jason's video on Twitter saying, "This is how we ask our officers to act every day, with every citizen. Thank you for posting this. Racism must stop and bonds must be built."

"This is the time we need to come together as a world, regardless of race or ethnicity," Jason reflected. "We need to come together as people and support the movement."

It's something that Jason hopes is the start of change for generations to come. He coaches a young men's basketball team in Brighton, where he urges those young players to stay sharp and be willing to learn.

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