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Dozens Of Seniors Forced To Leave Homes In Beverly Because Building Is Unsafe

BEVERLY (CBS) – The company running Motif assisted living facility in Beverly believes the building isn't safe, while the residents are being forced out – some with nowhere to go.

"I'm very angry at the utter lack of compassion," Patty Lynch told WBZ-TV.

She's fearful her 77-year-old father with dementia could soon be homeless. Her family, along with the more than 60 other residents at the Motif, received a letter Monday notifying them they have 90 days to move out before the assisted living facility begins renovations.

It's a move that will likely be detrimental to his health, said his wife.

"It will definitely set him back in his dementia... anxious behaviors and just basically be discombobulated," said Marty Langlois.

Monarch Communities, based in Maryland, took over the building in January and told WBZ-TV that it's in dire need of repairs.

"One of the elevators went down and wasn't working properly," explained the company's managing partner, Andrew Teeter. "The emergency generator hasn't been working properly and that was during the winter."

SkyEye flew over the roof that the company said is leaking water into the building.

Jim Lynch's family is fighting to keep him at the Motif, fearing that they won't be able to afford another facility.

"Medicaid dollars don't pay as much as private pay," Patty Lynch said. "It becomes an industry and not about care and concern for frail elders."

The company argued that they're just looking out for its residents.

"There are just too many life safety issues that we do not believe this is a safe place for residents or our team," Teeter said.

Residents have until July 19 to vacate the building and so far, about one-third have found another place to live.

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