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Beverly Hiker Rescued By Training National Guardsmen In New Hampshire

THOMPSON & MESERVES PURCHASE, N.H. (CBS) - A hiker from Massachusetts who fell going down the Caps Ridge Trail on Saturday afternoon was rescued by the National Guard, whose members were training in the area.

Linda Laganos, 66, of Beverly hiked to the summit of Mt. Jefferson to watch the placing of the flag in honor of September 11. She was on her way down when she fell, hitting her head.

Because of the potentially serious nature of the injury, the Army National Guard was called in for a helicopter rescue. Members of the New Hampshire Army National Guard had flown up Cannon Mountain for search and rescue training with a Blackhawk helicopter when the call for help came. The crew cut short its training and flew to Laganos where a crew member was lowered to the hiker. She was placed on the helicopter and flown to a local airport and transferred to a local hospital.

There is no information on her condition.

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