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Best Indoor Play Gyms For Kids In Boston

Indoor playgrounds can be found all over the Boston area. They are warm, clean, dry and most of all safe places for little kids to roll, bounce, jump, climb and play. Most offer play houses, craft areas, and other opportunities for creative and interactive play, as well as staff who are trained in supervising the kids, ensuring that they get involved, play with others, and stay safe. Indoor playgrounds are also very popular places for kids' parties, and provide a safe, clean and fun environment, and one that doesn't depend on the weather – which is a big plus for Bostonians.
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Imagine Playspace
23 Bay State Road
Cambridge, MA02138
(617) 661-0077
www.imaginecambridge.comImagine Playspace is an indoor kid-size town which offers children the opportunity to not only play in but also play at being being a grown up. There are little shops where the kids can play at being a baker, a grocer, a librarian, a doctor or any of a dozen other roles, including actors on a stage in the play-size theater. There are ride-on toys, swings, a ball pit, a bouncy house and things to climb. It is also a children's art museum, and has an outdoor play park as well, complete with a tube slide, fort and ship to play on. Imagine Playspace also offers language clubs where very young children can learn a foreign language.

VinKari Safari
(Photo Credit: VinKari Safari)

Vinkari Safari
10 Micro Drive
Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 933-1818 are indoor playgrounds aplenty in the Boston area, but Vinkari Safari in Woburn stands out -as it has an inflatable jungle and carts to pedal about in, as well as ramps to ride them down. There are blocks to build with (and knock over), art tables, a kid-size kitchen and lots of other places to play and things to do. They are especially popular for birthday parties (which come with a party coordinator whose help any parent who has put on a party for kids will greatly appreciate).

Jump on In!
100 Holton St.
Boston, MA 02135
(617) 789-JUMP (5687) safe, supervised indoor play, Jump on In! on Holton Street is the place to go in Boston proper. Their staff pledges that after bouncing, climbing and, of course, jumping, for an hour or two, not only will "your children have a blast," but, perhaps nearly as important, it "will leave your kids tired and happy." Their staff is not just a bunch of babysitters, but are trained in getting kids to move, play, interact with others and do it all safely. They specialize in getting kids to jump, and they do awesome parties – not just birthday parties, but also kindergarten graduations parties.

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Inside Playground
(Photo Credit: Inside Playground)

Inside Playground
100 Parker St.
Watertown, MA 02472
(617) 923-1772
www.bostonindoorplayground.comInside Playground in Watertown is exactly what it says it is – but much, much more. There are, of course, the usual spots for the kids to bounce and crawl and roll around, but there are also places where parents or older siblings or babysitters can go with the children to read and work on puzzles, build with legos and do other activities. There are also dress-up stations, play houses, a play kitchen and a unique "Beam" space which uses projection technology to create an interactive, virtual environment. It is something that truly has to been seen to believe, and something that will truly make parents wish they were kids again. Inside Playground is unique in many other ways. Not only does Indoor Playground allow parents to bring in outside food, rather than require them to spend money on expensive snacks, but it also is one of the few such places that does not have an arcade, which means kids do things rather than play electronic games. Indoor Playground also has a very flexible and very parent-friendly open play time and walk-in system that allows parents to go at the spur of the moment rather than have to plan and reserve ahead of time. There are also membership packages available and, of course, they also have birthday party packages and both family and group rates.

Kids' Fun Stop
(Photo Credit: Kids' Fun Stop)

Kids' Fun Stop
1580 VFW Parkway
West Roxbury, MA 02132
(617) 325-0800
www.kidsfunstop.comKids' Fun Stop is the place for children six and under to go to safely roll about, crawl about and bounce until they tire themselves out. It is a great place for little ones to get some exercise, burn off some energy and explore a collection of little houses, caves and tunnels. There are ride 'em cars and firetrucks, toy trains and dinosaurs and a collection of hats and helmets for them to wear. There are even rocking chairs for them – or for parents who want to nurse, cuddle or read to their kids – or to take a short break.

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