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Boston Makes List Of Best Cities In The World - Barely

BOSTON (CBS) -- A new survey is ranking the best cities in the world and Boston just makes the cut.

Time Out asked 34,000 people who live in cities about food, drink, culture, nightlife and other factors like affordability and their overall happiness.
Boston comes in at No. 42 on their ranking of the 48 best cities in the world. That's 41 spots behind top city New York, and after other American metropolises Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, D.C., Miami, San Francisco and Seattle.

A Time Out editor highlights Boston's supposed shift toward healthy living.

"Formerly a meat-and-potatoes town, Boston is now home to a cornucopia of health-minded eateries offering vegetarian, vegan, and coeliac-friendly offerings: in fact, we're the most gluten-free city-dwellers in the world," Time Out Boston's Eric Grossman writes. "And despite our notoriously fickle weather, health-minded Bostonians would rather do anything other than sit in the dark for two hours: how else to explain the fact that we visit movie theatres less often than anyone else?"

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