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Best Boutique Decor Shops In Downtown Newburyport

Skip traditional malls and shop outside in Newburyport's bustling downtown. With many pedestrian-only walkways, this entire neighborhood is practically a giant, upscale, seaside mall. Newburyport boasts a variety of chic boutiques, restaurants, cafes and vintage shops, all of which make for the perfect day of decor shopping, especially in the summer months.

Vintage Chic
(Photo Credit: Vintage Chic)

Vintage Chic Boutique
2 Market Square
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 255-1658

Vintage Chic Boutique is the perfect place to find great deals on lightly-used decor and home items. Though the wares are vintage, they are beautiful, clean and well curated, so finding what you want is simple. There are also a number of non-vintage items in the store's inventory including candles, jewelry and a fabulous collection of artwork by local artists! Vintage Chic Boutique is a great spot to start if you are going for an elegant, feminine, and classic look in your decor.

Ganesh Imports
(Photo Credit: Ganesh Imports)

Ganesh Imports Inc.
33 State St.
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 463-8626

For more than 20 years, Ganesh Imports has brought a taste of the exotic to Newburyport. This Indian-inspired decor, clothing, and home goods boutique is a great go-to shop for people that want to add something unexpected or colorful to their home's look. The boutique has intricately designed, hand printed textiles including drapes, bedding, tapestries, and pillows. Choose one of these items to add to a white or neutral colored room to bring it from blah to bold! Ganesh Imports also sells a variety of candles, incense, and a few statuettes.

Pure And Simple HOME
(Photo Credit: Pure and Simple Home)

Pure and Simple Home
1 Merrimac St., Suite 4
Newburyport, MA 01950

Pure and Simple Home boutique is great for those that love classic coastal prep style. Since Newburyport is a gorgeous seaside town with classic New England appeal, this boutique is an obvious reflection of many of the residents' favorite look. Bring a little bit of Newburyport home with you to add to your own decor no matter where you live by shopping here. From throw pillows shaped like starfish to lobster printed textiles and seafoam green blankets, this adorable shop has everything you need to make any room fun and light.

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Oldies Marketplace
(Photo Credit: Oldies Marketplace)

Oldies Marketplace
27 Water St.
Newburyport, MA 01950
(603) 642-3955

Love finding completely unique pieces to decorate your home? Look no further than Oldies Marketplace at the edge of downtown Newburyport. This fun vintage market is like a mini version of the famous Brimfield Flea Market or a more low key take on Boston's SOWA Open Market. Wander around the huge old barn and dig through piles of dusty antiques to find the perfect treasure. Oldies Marketplace is great for those that want to test out their eye for design, as the market is not curated like other area boutiques. Instead, create your own look from scratch!

(Photo Credit: Souffles)

14 Market Square
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 465-1523

Souffles is arguably Newburyport's most popular boutique. Specializing in kitchenwares, this shop has everything you need to outfit a high end kitchen and decorate your dining room with style. Pick up gorgeous cloth napkins, colorful mugs and bowls, and fun wall hangings that will make eating at your home a visual experience. Souffles doubles as a cafe, so feel free to order a delicious latte or dirty chai tea to sip while you shop. This is an especially good place to pick up housewarming or wedding gifts.

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Cameron Bruns is the founder of and co-author of Just Us Gals Boston. She lives in Boston's North End, where her goal is to promote ethical, stylish, and sustainable lifestyle choices to all Boston residents. Her work can be found on

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