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Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Bargain Restaurants

The only thing better than good food, is good food that's affordable. These are Phantom's picks for the 8 Greatest places for tasty eats at bargain prices.

RF O'Sullivan's
Lynn, Somerville

Kicking off the Great 8 is RF O'Sullivan's. With locations in Lynn and Somerville, RF O'Sullivan's is an institution when it comes to big beefy burgers. They've been searing the two-inch thick, half-pound patties to perfection for over for 25 years. Since the burgers are never pressed during the cooking process, it takes a little longer, but with prices this low, and burgers this good, it's most certainly worth the wait.

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George's Coney Island

George's Coney Island is a Worcester institution that has been serving hot dogs on the cheap for close to a century. These Coney Island style wieners are best topped with mustard, onion and the famous chili sauce. While it may not be fancy, having one of these dogs is a life-changing experience that won't cost you your life savings.

The Egg Roll Lady & Fish Shack

Also in Worcester is another Great 8 winner, The Egg Roll Lady & Fish Shack. The tiny space serves authentic egg rolls that are big on flavor and small in price. They're all handmade by The Egg Roll Lady herself, along with her family. These egg rolls can be enjoyed two ways: just dipped in duck sauce, or wrapped in lettuce like they do back in the Egg Roll Lady's homeland of Vietnam.

Roy's Cold Cuts
East Boston

Roy's Cold Cuts in East Boston is a small shop covered in Rock 'n Roll memorabilia, but it's their sandwiches that should be in the Hall of Fame for not only taste - but also value. There's the Meatball Parm Deluxe, stuffed with shredded pepperoni and melted mozzarella; along with The Godfather packed and stacked with a crispy chicken cutlet, parma prosciutto, roasted peppers, and tomato. But the must order, if you can even pronounce it, is the peppa-chedda-turka-chini- which may make you tongue tied, but won't drain your wallet.

Pete's Bluebird

Pete's Bluebird in Bellingham doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside you can find one of the tastiest, most inexpensive hunks of meat Phantom has ever found. Because at this cash only, come as you are, hole in the wall, you'll find them cutting and cooking superior steaks on site for around twenty bucks.

Emma's Pub and Pizza
Bridgewater, Norton

The legendary Emma's Pub and Pizza in Bridgewater and Norton is a fun, insanely delicious spot serving all of your favorite foods at bargain basement prices, like big sheets of pizza, overloaded lobster rolls, and burgers that will make your jaw drop. It's all the brainchild of owner Crazy Ron Emma, a rather eccentric restaurateur who definitely lives up to his name.

North End

Quattro in the North End is definitely one of the neighborhood's best dining bargains. It's a sophisticated eatery serving authentic Italian and grilled meats, hot off a giant rotisserie. The Margherita Pizza is an incredible deal for around eleven bucks, featuring hand-stretch dough, San Marzano tomatoes, and creamy mozzarella cheese, cooked in the blistering high heat for a little extra crunch around the edges. It's those kind of prices that keep the tables, and wallets full.

Fresh Catch

Rounding out the Great 8 is the Fresh Catch in Mansfield. This seafood restaurant and market offers some of the freshest stuff around, like fried clams, baked haddock, and crab cakes chock full of lump crab meat. While lobster prices may go up and down, it's tough to find them lower than they are here.

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