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Bertrand: Time For Patriots Fans To Retire Revenge Tour Against NFL

BOSTON (CBS) -- "There's something that we've got to start to put behind us," Marc Bertrand said early in Thursday's Zolak & Bertrand Show.

"There's something that we collectively as people in New England need to start putting behind us. I think it's time to start shutting the door on DeflateGate. I think it's time to start putting that thing behind us," Bertrand said.

Scott Zolak said that's probably something that can't be done unless the league decides to drop the federal appeal.

"I think we need some help from the league," Zolak said. "End the battle in March."

While that scenario remains unlikely, the topic was raised by Bertrand because the end to the Patriots' season brought an end to the idea that Roger Goodell may have to hand a Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady and the Patriots for the second straight year.

"It would have been glorious ... but it didn't happen," Bertrand said. "It would have been amazing to see that a week from this Sunday, to have that be the case. And we thought it was a realistic possibility, and it was a realistic possibility. You make it to your conference championship game, that's in play, and it still was in play until last weekend. The Revenge Tour, until they were done, was alive and well.

"So it didn't happen, the revenge tour wasn't completed. And it's unfortunate, because it would've been great. There was a chance for something really great to happen there and for the payback to be a real bitch for everybody -- for the rest of the league, for the commissioner, for everybody. They came up short, and that's OK. But at what point do we put this behind us and move on and just be a regular football team?"

Bertrand said the idea of the Patriots skipping the Pro Bowl as a show of solidarity against the NFL is a bit of a stretch. Likewise, the "us against the world" mentality doesn't need to go on any longer.

Listen to Zo & Bertrand's discussion below:

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