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Ben Affleck Borrows Reporter's Phone To Watch Red Sox On Red Carpet

LOS ANGELES (CBS) – Is it possible to feel bad for a Hollywood star at their big movie premiere?

An exception might be made for Ben Affleck.

The actor and big time Red Sox fan couldn't stay home and watch his favorite team fight to stay alive in the playoffs Monday night because he had the opening of his new drama "The Accountant" to attend in Los Angeles.

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Luckily for Affleck, a TV reporter was there on the red carpet with a live stream of the Red Sox-Indians game on his phone.

Ignoring the cameras for a minute, Affleck borrows the phone and takes a peek at the MLB action.

"I'm having a heart attack ... this is agonizing," Affleck said, according to USA Today. "I would much rather be watching the game, but this is a job."

Before heading into the movie, Affleck told the newspaper he caught the last play.

"It was very heartbreaking, so close," Affleck said. "It was too bad. It just didn't happen."

Affleck added that he'll be rooting for the Chicago Cubs the rest of the way.

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