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I-Team: Bella Bond's Mother Has Lengthy Criminal History

BOSTON (CBS) - Two people have been arrested in connection with the death of "Baby Doe" who has been identified as a Bella Bond from Dorchester. Bella's mother, Rachelle Bond, is charged for covering up what happened to her daughter. Bond's boyfriend, Michael McCarthy is charged with killing the little girl.

The I-Team discovered both suspects have a long criminal history with police.

McCarthy has been arrested in the past on drug charges, domestic violence and motor vehicle violations.

In Boston, in August of 2010, about two years before Bella was born, the then 36-year-old Rachelle Bond was arrested on Dorchester Avenue for prostitution. Court documents reveal she ended up in jail for violating bail.

McCarthy Bond
Michael McCarthy and Rachelle Bond. (Photos Suffolk DA/RMV)

She eventually pleaded guilty and was ordered to stay away from Dorchester Ave. and submit to random drug testing.

Bond has a much longer rap sheet from Worcester County during the late 90s and early 2000's. She was arrested for assault and battery, receiving stolen property, larceny and prostitution.

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In all, she has more than 20 different criminal cases in a little over a decade.

Those court documents also revealed she tried to get child support payments from the fathers of two older children. She later lost custody of those kids.

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