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Beekeeping Has Become Popular In Boston Thanks To Pandemic

BOSTON (CBS) -- A sweet trend that took off during the pandemic is sticking around: thanks to "home hives," Boston is becoming home to hundreds of bees.

"We weren't really expecting that," said Shay Willette, a head beekeeper at The Best Bees Company. "It was a big moment for the whole world to slow down."

Barbara Weber lives in the South End. She has a rooftop garden full of plants and flowers where she keeps her honeybees.

"The bees themselves are really interesting to watch," she said. "They are not aggressive at all, They're really not, now I suppose if I stuck my hand in the hive, but if I am just up here gardening they don't bother me at all."

Shay Willette, a head beekeeper at The Best Bees Company tends to a beehive in the South End (WBZ-TV)

Believe it or not, the bees actually like city living.

"There is a huge diversity that the bees get access to, parks in Boston with the victory gardens and the Boston Common," explained Willette.

"I also love the idea that we are helping the bees," said Weber.

The Best Bees Company is helping people like Weber all over the city. They install your hive at home, check on your bees, and harvest your honey. Each package comes with three pounds of bees.

It gives families a peaceful way to connect with nature's essential workers.

"They are very grounding. I find it comforting and therapeutic," said Willette.

Right now, there are close to 700 honey bee colonies in Boston. Best Bees collect data from each hive to track the bees' trends over the years and to make sure they are healthy.

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