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BC Researcher Says Social Energy From 'Boston Strong' Contributed To Red Sox World Series Win

BOSTON (CBS) - There has been much talk about how the World Series win by the Red Sox can be a healing tool for the city of Boston and the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

One local expert says that is definitely the case.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Bernice Corpuz reports

BC Researcher Says Social Energy Contributed To Red Sox World Series Win

Boston College psychology professor Donna Canavan has researched what's called "social energy," a type of emotional ripple effect.

"You know that everyone is feeling the same way you are feeling. There is something validating about it, it does something to validate your perception as a human, to know that another human, being independent of you, sees and feels the same way you do, she explained. "You feel closer, more energetic, more purposeful."

Canavan says that energy can be both positive and negative.

"The social energy that we had around the Marathon bombing, which in itself was enormous; it's a negative thing, but "Boston Strong" emerged from that," she said.

Canavan suspects the Red Sox's commitment to "Boston Strong" was a driving force to go from worst to first, and that their winning symbolized the city's resilience, and the region's "Boston Strong" pride.

"A team that has a lot of social energy performs better," she said.

Canavan says the power of social energy can also help people heal.


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