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Barstool's Portnoy On Being Banned From Super Bowl Events: 'It's The Death Of American Journalism'

BOSTON (CBS) -- David Portnoy, aka El Presidente, from Barstool Sports may be banned from NFL events this week in San Francisco, but that wasn't going to stop Felger & Mazz from partaking in some pirate radio on Thursday afternoon.

A day after the Barstool crew kidnapped Felger for an interview in the RV, Portnoy returned the favor.

In an interesting twist, Portnoy was able to get into a fan area in order to talk with Felger & Mazz.

"I'm on the outside looking in," Portnoy said about Barstool, though it applied to his present reality. "I think I'll always be that way."

For those not in the know, Portnoy and several other Barstool employees were arrested this past summer after holding a protest in the lobby of the NFL headquarters in New York City. That's likely playing a role in Portnoy's inability to gain media access to various NFL-sponsored events this week.

"There's nothing on this planet that they could do at this point that would surprise me," Portnoy said of the NFL's most recent flubbing of how it will handle the recorded PSI numbers. "Compare what the Patriots have done (if you believe they did anything wrong) with the open arrogance of the NFL, in that they can get away with anything. And they can, you know why? Because they keep guys like me on the outside looking in. If I could go to that Goodell press conference, my question would be, 'Hey Roger, you know that everybody knows you're lying, right? Just tell me that. You can do this charade, you can do whatever you want, but we all know this is a song and dance. But everybody knows you're lying and you know you're lying and we know you're lying, so everybody here knows you're lying, and everything else is just air.'  That's what I would say.

"It's the death of American journalism."

Following yet another DeflateGate fight, Portnoy and Felger started fighting about the Felger & Mazz program perhaps going too hard with the criticism of Bill Belichick. Though two months have passed since the Patriots lost at home to the Eagles, Felger remains upset about the failed drop-kick onside attempt.

"You know what you're doing right now?" Portnoy said. "You're saying Bill Belichick is an idiot, and I take personal offense to that."

Also in the interview, Portnoy was asked for his reaction to the NFL saying that Brady will be in attendance Sunday for the ceremony honoring past Super Bowl MVPs.

"I really wish he didn't, but it doesn't surprise me at all," Portnoy said. "I wish if he's there he does something like gives Goodell the bird, does something obnoxious, but we all know that's not going to happen. The only hope we have is that when it's over, he writes some kind of tell-all book, and really lets it fly. ... But we all know he's going to show up and be the good boy."

Portnoy thinks he might be the right man to write that book for Brady. Felger said there's something in Portnoy's history that might stand in the way of that.

"If my math is correct, one naked picture of your son is negated by one trip to jail," Portnoy estimated. "That's one low point, one low moment in maybe his mind potentially, but I've had a lot of positive moments since then. And we're both Michigan men. Don't forget that."

At one point in the interview, security came over to shuffle Portnoy along, because to an outside observer he probably looked like a raging lunatic who was yelling at a couple of radio hosts while wearing a headset he brought from home. But Felger & Mazz vouched for him.

"No, no, he's cool," Mazz said.

This was truly a memorable moment in Felger & Mazz history.

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