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'The carnage is awful,' Family mourns 18-year-old killed by alleged hit-and-run drunk driver

Family of killed Barnstable teen warns others not to drink and drive
"The carnage, it's awful": Family of killed Barnstable teen warns others not to drink and drive 01:46

BARNSTABLE - "Look what you've done. Look what happens. It's what nightmares are made out of; it really is."

Jen Hinckley-Needham described the nightmare of a world without her Sam. The 18-year-old, who'd just graduated Barnstable High School, was killed riding his motorcycle Tuesday, hit by an alleged drunk driver who police say left the scene.

Those who were lucky enough to know Sam found comfort in company Thursday. Hugging each other and holding onto memories. 

"He was a man of all talents. Good at everything he did. So many people loved him, and he will continue to be loved," said brother Jack proudly. 

Sam Needham, lovingly known as "Sneeds," was supposed to attend Mass Maritime in the fall. He loved being on the water. But the quality his family treasures most is the way Sam treated others. 

"There was a girl who came who said he was the only person who ever spoke to her at school. He always found a place for kindness in his heart, and that's something I'm always going to remember him for," sister Emma recalled. 

The Needhams say they'll look for joy in the places Sam found it. Someday, they'll get a boat for him that will be called the words Sam always said, "I'm Good." 

"We're gonna be good. Even though this happened, we're going to be good. We're going to live Sam's life for him. But I swear, don't drink and drive. The carnage is awful. It's not fair. It's not fair," said parents Jen and Matt. 

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