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"Barack Obama...Firearms Salesman Of The Year"

Ahh...the accolades just never stop do they.   The above quote is on a huge poster in the front window of a New Hampshire gun store.....BHO's picture just above the AK 47 pictured just below.     That's gotta be the understatement of BHO's recent charade on gun control.  The major TV networks who have taken it upon themselves to be the stewards of Barack and Michele's proper image, even had to edit Mama Obama recently when she was talking about some gun murders near her home in Chicago.   She made some reference to young kids brandishing automatic weapons when a little girl was killed.   There were no automatic weapons involved, it was handguns, so the Networks edited out the entire reference to guns.    It is amazing, the lengths to which the lapdog media will go to cover for these people.   And speaking of Chicago, the nation's deadliest most violent city, now under the Mayor ship of Obama's sleaze ball buddy Rahm, have you heard much about the plan to introduce sex education into the public the kindergarten level?   True......and truly disgusting.

Back to the "firearms salesman of the year" for a moment.  We all know he's going nowhere with the gun control stuff in Washington this year, except maybe background checks and I'm okay with that.   I have to admit, living in the South part of the year, it's a little scary to see the TV ads promoting the latest gun shows in the area....and there are dozens of them, year round.  "Come see and buy the latest gun fire power, automatic weapons, machine guns  bazookas, rocket launchers, knives"....whatever!!   I wouldn't know one from the other, but you can buy 'em, sell 'em, trade 'em, swap 'em, git 'em...any day of the week at dozens of places within 10-miles of where you live and I'll never understand the nation's fixation with having this kind of firepower.    But no doubt about it, BHO launched an effort to curb that kind of firepower and it all seemed to blow up in his face.....thus, the sign in the window at the N.H. gun store......."Barack Obama...Firearms Salesman Of The Year."   Business is booming!!!

Oh and one more thing quickly.....the jury is still out on sequestration, but mark my words, the latest charade from the BHO administration is the latest to "go up in smoke."   The sky is not falling, and watching the buffoons in Washington trying to push back from this cliff is sure to be entertaining at the very least.   Stay tuned!

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