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Jurors Visit South Boston Penthouse Condo Where Doctors Were Murdered

BOSTON (CBS) - The jury in the murder trial of Bampumim Teixeira heard testimony for the fourth day on Tuesday. The bulk of the testimony was from law enforcement officials.

"Did you actually see a firearm?" asked prosecutor John Pappas. "I saw what I perceived as a firearm," said Officer Stephen Collette.

Officer Collette was one of the first officers on the 11th floor the night of May 5, 2017. He told the jury officers yelled "Boston Police" and later opened fire after an officer yelled gun.

"I yelled 'drop your weapon' didn't move and I was in fear of getting shot myself another officer getting shot so I discharged my firearm," said Officer Collette.

south boston murders
The South Boston condominium building where Field and Bolanos were killed. (WBZ-TV)

Doctors Lina Bolanos and Richard Field were found stabbed to death inside their South Boston condo. SWAT Team Officer Chris Carr told the jury where he found their bodies.

"I looked ahead of Officer Johnson and I saw a male lying face down on the ground with his hands behind his back. I also looked left just prior to that we made the right and I observed a female laying on her back with her hands behind her inside one of the bedrooms," said Officer Carr.

Tuesday the jury visited the couple's South Boston condo. Before that they heard testimony from Officer Sean Wallace. "I did remember him turn to me and smile and make some statement yes," said Detective Sean Wallace.

Dr. Lina Bolaños and Dr. Richard Field
Dr. Lina Bolaños and Dr. Richard Field. (Family photo)

Detective Wallace was one of several officers who helped handcuff the defendant Bampumim Teixeira.

"And do you remember him yelling 'just kill me, kill me' do you remember him yelling that?" asked defense attorney Steven Sack.

"I do remember that, yes," said Detective Wallace.

Prosecutors say Teixeria was shot by responding officers who believed he had a gun. On cross examination Defense Attorney Steve Sack asked Detective Wallace several times if a gun was found.

"Once he was lifted up did you find any kind of a weapon underneath him?" asked Sack.

"I did not," said Detective Wallace.

Testimony will resume Wednesday morning before the holiday. The prosecution is expected to rest its case by next Wednesday.

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