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Flag Burned, Cars And High School Vandalized In Needham

NEEDHAM (CBS) - Outside Servente Bakery and Cafe in Needham, a charred star is all that remains of the American flag that hung there Tuesday morning, just one piece in a string of vandalism that happened overnight.

"Just like disrespectful to burn the American flag of all things. I mean, people die for that flag," said bakery owner Christie Radeos.

She couldn't believe it at first and was even more shocked when she found out it wasn't the only vandalism in town overnight.

A Needham High School student has been identified for defacing school property. In an email to parents and students, the principal said the student destroyed display cases and items within them, sprayed fire extinguishers on surfaces and floors, adding that the damage did not seem to target any group or individual.

Across the street, neighbors on Holland Street say their cars were keyed overnight.

"I didn't really believe it at first, just because it's like so weird. Like who does that?" a high school student who works at Servente Bakery said.

The burnt flag didn't stop the shop from opening, or the owner from displaying the flag she's hung proudly since the day her family opened the store.

"I mean we live in America. It's just like, a beautiful thing. It's the American dream, it's a business, you got to support the place you live," Radeos said. "We're lucky enough that we have the ability to do what we do here."

Needham Police have not said yet if they think these acts of vandalism are connected, but the bakery owner said she just hopes whoever did this knows that what they did was wrong.

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