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Baby Lamb Kiki At Massachusetts Farm Now Standing Thanks To Wheelchair Donation

DARTMOUTH (CBS) – A lamb named Kiki has a second chance at life thanks to a wheelchair provided by a New Hampshire-based company.

After being abandoned by her mother, the baby lamb was unable to stand and was highly malnourished. Kiki's growth was stunted, her legs became contracted, and she was too weak to try to stand.

When Kiki was 11 days old, "Don't Forget Us PET Us Sanctuary" board member Meghan King took her in.

Lamb Wheelchair
A lamb was provided a wheelchair by a New Hampshire organization. (Image Credit: Walkin' Wheels)

Having spent the first 3.5 months of her life mostly lying on one side, Kiki received a second chance when Walkin' Pets provided her with a wheelchair.

Thanks to the device, Kiki is now standing up.

Kiki uses the wheelchair during therapy sessions, and the sanctuary hopes she will eventually learn to walk on her own.

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