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Mother Thanks Canton Police For Helping Deliver Baby Over Phone

CANTON (CBS) - A mother is praising the Canton police department for helping deliver her baby over the phone last weekend.

Ariana Crose of Dorchester went into labor while spending the night at her best friend Jasmine Johnson's home in Canton.

"We made it just about downstairs and I told her I don't think I can take the car ride." Crose told WBZ-TV.

So the friends went back inside Johnson's apartment.

Ariana Crose
Ariana Crose (WBZ-TV)

"My back was kind of against the tub, but here it is, this is my birth center," Crose jokingly laughs.

Johnson surrounded Crose with pillows and blankets on her bathroom floor and called 911.

Canton Police Detective Jon Ruane answered the phone.

"What you want to do is just simply gonna have her push, just push gently okay," said Detective Ruane in the recorded call.

"Its nervous, its hectic. You're worried about the health of the mom, the health of the baby but the mom's doing all the work and the friend that's there is doing all the work," said Ruane.

"At that point it was less of where I was and, oh my goodness, please let this go right," expressed Crose.

Detective Ruane conference called in Canton fire department personnel to help give directions to Johnson to help Ariana comfortably deliver the baby. Crose gave birth to her second child, a baby girl, on Johnson's bathroom floor.

"When you hear the baby start crying, you think wow, it's a huge relief," Ruane told WBZ.

Baby Rihari was born at 5:10 a.m. Saturday.

Ariana Crose
Ariana Crose and baby Rihari (WBZ-TV)

Crose said her daughter is healthy, weighing in at seven pounds, nine ounces. She's 19.5 inches tall. It's a gift of life Crose said she is thankful for.

"I would really really like to thank the dispatcher," she said.

Baby Rihari is resting at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Boston.

Crose is hoping to bring her home in the coming days. Rihari's middle name is Jasmine, named after Crose's best friend.

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