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Twitter Explodes After Shocking Overturned TD Call In Patriots-Jets

BOSTON (CBS) -- In any given NFL game, decisions like the one the officials made in the fourth quarter of Sunday's Patriots-Jets game are prime material for angry rants on social media. The officials' stunning overturned touchdown call on Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, which was ruled a fumble and a touchback to give the ball back to the Patriots after a lengthy replay review, was one such moment. And Twitter did not disappoint.

The game itself was a typically tight battle that Patriots fans ought to be used to with road games at the Jets. But of course, the controversial (to put it lightly) call has dominated the postgame discussion and overshadowed a decently competitive football game.

There was no shortage of reactions to the call on Twitter, which ranged from furious to befuddled to ... satisfied - from those rooting for the Pats, of course. Here is a sample of the most amusing tweets:

In New York, the fury has spilled over into Monday morning.

Considering the circumstances surrounding the call and the fact that the officials needed a few frames of super-slow-motion replay to make the ruling, this won't be the last time you hear about this call. It's the kind of call that rewrites the rulebook - and certainly draws plenty of strong responses.

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