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Police Arrest Auburn Man After Church Break-In

AUBURN (CBS) -- An Auburn man was arrested Saturday morning after police say he broke into a church.

Mark Riley, 23, was arrested in the parking lot of the North American Martyrs Church on Wyoma Drive. He is charged with nighttime breaking and entering with intent to commit felony, daytime breaking and entering, possession of burglarious tools, and wanton destruction of property.

Police said he was wearing a latex glove and carrying a screwdriver and knife.

Riley's arrest came after a person living on Clarendon Road called police around 8:17 a.m. to report a man trying to break into his house. Riley fit the description of the intruder that the homeowner gave police.

Another person living in the area said they saw Riley walking from house to house on Hampton Street.

Officers investigating and canvassing in the area were approached by the pastor of the church, who said it had been broken into overnight.

Police said an interior door of the church had been forced open. There were marks on the damaged door that matched Riley's screwdriver.

Riley is being held by Auburn Police, and is expected to be arraigned in Worcester District Court on Monday.

Auburn Police are reminding the public to keep their homes and vehicles locked.

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