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Auburn Family Seeks Bone Marrow Donor For Son With Rare Immunodeficiency

AUBURN (CBS) - Julie Creedon-Linton, of Auburn, holds one of her two treasures - her son, Bryce. She'd give him the world if she could.

"It's mostly that I can't do anything for him. As a mom that's killing me," she said.

The happy, busy 4-year-old lives with a rare immunodeficiency. His body can't fight any viruses or infections. He needs human plasma every two weeks to keep him well.

Four-year-old Bryce is looking for a bone marrow donor. (Courtesy photo)

"The (at-home treatment) takes about two hours. He gets premedicated, and then I have to inject him into the fat of his belly - similar to what a diabetic would do. He has his pump, and it pumps the medicine right into him," the mother explained.

Bryce can't swim everywhere, or even go near animals, which are his favorite. What you've been doing to stay safe from COVID is Bryce's life forever. Everything is about cleaning, sanitizing and staying safe from germs.

"We're doing this because I don't want other parents to deal with what I'm going through."

Four-year-old Bryce and his mother,Julie Creedon-Linton, who hopes Bryce will find a bone marrow donor. (WBZ-TV)

The family hosted bone barrow drive Thursday night and hopes more people will join Be The Match, to potentially donate life-saving bone marrow.

"There are very few known people over 20-40 years old actually are still living (with this condition). It would change his life. It's a couple days of possible pain for a lifetime of him living," Creedon-Linton said, of donating matching bone marrow.

Potential donors can go to for an online questionnaire to see if they qualify to donate. Once completed, a simple swab kit must be sent in to join the registry.

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