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Keller @ Large: Is Attorney General Maura Healey Going To Run For Governor?

BOSTON (CBS) -- The year 2022 will likely be a big one for local politics in Massachusetts. State House News Service Reporter Katie Lannan said it's widely expected that Attorney General Maura Healey will run for governor.

"Her end-of-the-year fundraising activities certainly suggest she is ramping up for something, I suppose it could be another run for Attorney General but like the governor, she seems to be playing her cards relatively close to the vest before his announcement," she explained.

Healey also has more name recognition than the other candidates currently running, Lannan said, but some supporters are frustrated she's taken this long to announce a candidacy.

SHNS reporter Matt Murphy said that Healey would enter the race as a front runner but "I think if people are thinking that she's just going to waltz in and not have to put in the effort, they may be wrong there."

According to Murphy, many potential donors view Healey as a centrist and an establishment figure.

"She has the potential to be a historic candidate for governor but there are some on the left -- and the Democratic party has moved to the left as much as we talk about the Republican party moving to the right -- I think she will have some issues and some fences to mend with the left of her party."

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