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Ask A Boston Expert: Hottest Trends This Spring

(Image Credit: The Boston Fashionista)

Spring fashion can be deceiving. Especially as New Englanders, we get over excited at the end of winter and are desperate to don bright colors and strap on some sandals. But spring fashion is much more subtle than that. It keeps the warmth and comfort of winter, while whimsical, optimistic touches help shift these outfits to make them fresh for springtime. Boston's top style expert, Kristen Uekermann, sorts through the confusion and helps pick out some awesome trends that are great for spring.

Kristen Uekermann
The Boston Fashionista

Kristen Uekermann is the blogger behind The Boston Fashionista, a Boston-based fashion blog covering personal style, travel and runways in New England. She is Boston's premiere style expert, bringing her readers outfit of the day photos, and has also begun to feature local entrepreneurs and tastemakers on her blog. The Boston Fashionista has amassed quite a following over the past few years and Kristen continues to be a trusted, approachable resource for all things style. Today, she shares the best fashion trends Bostonians should be looking for this spring.


"My girlfriend recently met me for dinner wearing an amazing vintage fringe suede jacket straight out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She picked this gem up right in time for spring 2015, when fringe is, well, not on the fringe anymore. Lest you think the look is a little too 'cowgirl' for New England, imagine a rich camel-colored fringe jacket in luxe suede over an all black outfit (skinny jeans and a turtleneck, or a midi length LBD). Alternatively, mix up your basic jeans/sweater combo with high heeled boots decked out in swingy fringe and buckles."

Shirt Dress

"Ah, the shirt dress. Is there a more versatile piece? Pick up a basic pinstriped, long-sleeved shirt dress (anywhere from H&M on up to Brooks Brothers) - you'll find a million ways to wear it. Try it with a blazer for the office, or under a denim jacket for a casual brunch with girlfriends. Roll up the sleeves to three-quarter length and unbutton a few top buttons for a date. Wear it with a scarf and boots, or pop the collar out over your coat on chilly days. I'm a fan of having a 'workhorse' piece for every season - something you can wear anywhere. The shirt dress is your spring workhorse."

Ponchos / Wrap Sweaters

"Don't you love when pieces that are on trend are the perfect fit for New England? Every Boston gal knows wrap sweaters or coats are a must for spring. Wrap them around your neck on that windy morning commute and wear them like a loose cardigan when the sun peeks out in the afternoon. These look perfect over streamlined sheath dresses for the office and boyfriend jeans and a tee for the weekend."

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"Yet another spring 2015 trend that is perfect for Boston! I haven't been this excited for a trend since over-sized sweaters were so big for fall. And with so many companies upping their game in both the design and comfort departments (just check out this New Balance + Kate Spade Saturday collaboration if you don't believe me), there is a veritable array of styles to choose from. Pair your trainers with a cozy sweaterdress, or with crisp, tailored jeans and a blazer."

Sleek Smartphones

"Let's be real: How many of us carry our smartphones in our hand 90 percent of the time we're walking/on the T? If it's going to be that visible, maybe we should start thinking of our phone as an accessory, as well as a must-have device. I admit, I'm totally guilty of toting an extremely outdated phone (they'll pry my unlimited data out of my cold, dead hands!), but I love the look of sleek, chic, metallic finishes on phones and phone cases. Think sophisticated - you don't want your boss catching you take a call on your Tinkerbell phone, do you?"


"I know, I know. After the Blizzard of 2015, you've seen about all the white you can handle. But you don't have to wait until after Memorial Day to wear white jeans, sweaters or even jackets and coats. An all white look is super sophisticated, especially when you pair the look with a refined tote and oversized sunglasses. The key is to keep your look simple and streamlined!"

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Cameron Bruns is the founder of and co-author of Just Us Gals Boston. She lives in Boston's North End, where her goal is to promote ethical, stylish, and sustainable lifestyle choices to all Boston residents. Her work can be found on

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